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Fully customised to suit your needs, the Cumulus is a bespoke Class II safety cabinet designed to accommodate robotic equipment used in liquid handling or weighing applications. The Cumulus can fit around any existing robotic equipment (up to 400kg) and its sturdy construction means that the unit does not move when the robotics are in motion. In addition to this, air turbulences inside the chamber, which are generated when the robotics are in motion, are minimised by a powerful down flow and exhaust ventilation system. This also creates a powerful air barrier to protect the user and samples.

Standard Features and Customisation

The Cumulus is equipped with various standard features and is available in several different sizes. However, the user is able to customise their Cumulus to suit their needs. The following features can be found on all Cumulus models:

  • Stainless steel worktray
  • Flourescent tube lighting providing >750 lux luminosity
  • Polyester powder coated stand
  • Transparent side panels 6mm thick and made of PMMA
  • Anemometer located inside the work space and the exhaust
  • G3 prefiltration (>85% gravimetric efficiency) replaceable by the user
  • HEPA H14 absolute filtration (99.999% efficient for 0.3┬Ám particles)
  • Electronic on/off key
  • User friendly digital keypad displaying airflow velocity and featuring lighting and half speed buttons

The user can choose to equip their Cumulus safety cabinet with the following features:

  • Electical outlets
  • Pippette end collector integrated inside the chamber
  • Openings on the side panels
  • Fluid ports
  • Optional hour meter

Installation and Maintenance

Our highly skilled engineers will install your Cumulus safety cabinet on site and perform the necessary validation procedure for aspects such as particle count and filter efficiency check. All results will be recorded and a calibration certificate will be presented to the user.

Our annual maintenance contract includes air flow measurement and HEPA filter checking. Spare parts and filters are available from stock.


Base stand material  Steel with polyester powder coating
Side & Font Windows  8mm thick PMMA 
Model Chamber size Usable size(for robotic installation)
Cumulus 11-09  1100mm x 950mm  900mm x 750mm
Cumulus 14-11  1400mm x 1100mm  1200mm x 900mm
Cumulus 17-11  1700mm x 1100mm  1500mm x 900mm
Cumulus 22-11  2200mm x 1100mm  2000mm x 900mm
Other dimensions Please contact us

Ordering Information

Model Description
MNH110.CX1.2 Cumulus 11-09 Bespoke Class II Safety Cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNH140.CX1.2 Cumulus 14-11 Bespoke Class II Safety Cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNH170.CX1.2 Cumulus 17-11 Bespoke Class II Safety Cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNH220.CX1.2 Cumulus 22-11 Bespoke Class II Safety Cabinet (240V 50Hz)

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