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The Incus Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet complies with EN 12469 and ensures optimum protection for user, samples and the environment. Developed in conjunction with leading laboratory researchers and approved by the National Physical Laboratory, the Incus has several unique features, differentiating it from other Class II Safety Cabinets. The Incus can be used for a variety of applications including sample analysis in hospitals and drug research and production in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Ergonomic Design

The Incus Class II Safety Cabinet is ergonomically designed with the user in mind. The 10º angle of the front window creates a comfortable and natural working position for the user.

The Incus also features an easy-to-use digital keypad which is conveniently located at eye level. An optional footrest and adjustable stand are also available.

Easy to Clean

Our patented Twist & Clean® design makes cleaning the Incus easy, even in those hard to reach places. The user simply opens out the 'wings' of the unit and drops the front window. This allows easy access to clean the whole chamber in a more comfortable position, thus minimising the strain on the back, arms and neck.

Key Features

The Incus is equipped with the following features:

  • Stainless steel worktray
  • Flourescent lamp lighting providing >750 lux luminosity
  • Flouresecent lamps protected by transparent PMMA panels for optimum cleaning
  • Polyester powder coated stand (73cm high)
  • Anemometer located inside the work space
  • HEPA H14 absolute filtration (99.999% efficient for 0.3µm particles) of downflow and exhaust flow filters
  • Electronic on/off key
  • Easy-to-use keypad displaying airflow velocity and featuring a lighting button

The user can choose to equip their Incus safety cabinet with the following optional features:

  • Electical outlets
  • Transfer ports located on the side panels
  • Fluid ports and gas taps
  • Solenoid gas valves controlled by a pedal
  • Adjustable stand for different working heights
  • Footrest
  • Optional hour meter
  • Integrated scales accurate to within 10 μg

Ultra Quiet Operation and Low Power Consumption

Whilst in use, the sound generated by Incus is less than 60dB, whilst at half speed, the Incus is whisper quiet. The power consumption of the larger Incus 1200 is only 750W, whilst the Incus 900 consumes only 650W.

Installation and Calibration

Our engineers can calibrate your Incus at the time of installation ensuring your laboratory is compliant. We can carry out the following tests:

  • Airflow velocity mapping in the work area
  • Air cleanliness measurement using a 0.3µm resolution particle counter
  • Absolute filter efficiency testing
  • Airflow alarm triggering and testing

In each case, you will be presented with a Calibration Certificate showing the results of each test.

All Incus safety cabinet is less than 800mm deep meaning it will easily fit through doors when delivered and installed.


Incus 900
Height Int: 550mm / Ext: 1413mm
Width Int: 985mm / Ext: 985mm
Depth Int: 570mm / Ext: 790mm
Weight 165kg
Incus 1200
Height Int: 550mm / Ext: 1413mm
Width Int: 1287mm / Ext: 1290mm
Depth Int: 570mm / Ext: 790mm
Weight 185kg
Incus 1800
Height Int: 550mm / Ext: 1413mm
Width Int: 1897mm / Ext: 1900mm
Depth Int: 570mm / Ext: 790mm
Weight 255kg
Incus 900 650W
Incus 1200    750W
Incus 1800     1600W
Incus 900 0.40m/s
Incus 1200    0.40m/s
Incus 1800     0.40m/s

Ordering Information

Model Description
MNS900.IX1.2 Incus 900 Class II safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNS120.IX1.2 Incus 1200 Class II safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNS180.IX1.2 Incus 1800 Class II safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)

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