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The Arcus is a vented animal storage cabinet designed to ensure a safe and controlled environment for the storage and breeding of rodents in defined sanitary conditions. Available in three different sizes, the Arcus has a variety of different optional extras which can be included to suit the users' needs.

Optimum Protection

The Arcus vented animal storage cabinet is equipped with a HEPA H14 filter for absolute filtration (99.999% efficiency for 0.3 µm particles).

It is available in positive pressure for medium protection of rodents, or in negative pressure for the protection of the user and the environment. If using pathogenic rodents, the user must ensure the cages are equipped with filter caps.

The internal chamber can be temperature controlled meaning your rodents are being stored in optimum conditions. The Arcus can also be fitted with optional day and night cycler.

Low Running Costs

The Arcus is designed to accommodate nearly all types of cages. This gives the user the flexibility to change cage type if required or indeed use different cages in the same unit.

Furthermore, the only consumable item in the Arcus is the pre-filters, making operating costs extremely low.

Ease of Use and Ergonomic Design

The Arcus has a simple, easy-to-use digital keypad and programming the unit does not require any training. The internal chamber is also easy to clean and decontaminate as the walls are made of smooth PVC and are free from any ridges, slots or cavities where dirt can build up. Furthermore, the shelves can be easily removed for sterilisation in an autoclave. Shelves are manufactured from solid sheets of stainless steel, not wire racks, making it easy to wipe clean.

In addition to this, the fan is located at the bottom of the unit, making the first level shelf slighty higher up. This reduces the strain on the user's back when repeatedly lifting out cages.

Optional Extras

There are five different standard options available for the Arcus:

  • Heating - A microprocessor can regulate the heating from ambient temperature up to 30°C.
  • Day/Night Cycling - Up to 24 programmable on-off cycles available with an accuracy of ± 1 minute. The transparent PMMA doors are swapped for opaque ones when choosing this option. 
  • Odour Free - Filters can be added to minimise the smell of urine and faeces.
  • Customised Glass Doors- The doors can be manufactured using one way tinted glass so the user can still see inside the chamber when the Arcus is in Day mode.
  • Castors - For maximum mobility, a set of castors with front brakes can be fitted.


Arcus 80
Type 1 Cages 16
Type 2 Cages 12
Type 3 Cages 8
Type 4 Cages 4
Arcus 120
Type 1 Cages 24
Type 2 Cages 16
Type 3 Cages 8
Arcus 160
Type 1 Cages 32
Type 2 Cages 24
Type 3 Cages 16
Type 4 Cages 8
Incus 900 650W
Incus 1200    750W
Incus 1800     1600W
Arcus 80
Height 1785mm (1200mm internal)
Width 900mm (690mm internal)
Depth 600mm (500mm internal)
Arcus 120
Height 1785mm (internal 1200mm)
Width 1270mm (internal 1050mm)
Depth 600mm (internal 500mm)
 Arcus 160
Height 1785mm (internal 1200mm)
Width 1600mm (internal 1380mm)
Depth 600mm (internal 500mm)

Cage Dimensions

Cage Type Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
Type 1 332 x 150 x 130mm
Type 2 267 x 207 x 140mm
Type 3 425 x 266 x 180mm
Type 4 590 x 385 x 200mm

Ordering Information

Model Description
MNA080.AX1.2 Arcus 80 vented animal storage cabinet (240V 50 Hz)
MNA120.AX1.2 Arcus 120 vented animal storage cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNA160.AX1.2 Arcus 160 vented animal storage cabinet (240V 50Hz)

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